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Survivor 43 was the forty-third season of the American reality television series Survivor. The show was filmed in Fiji and premiered on September 21, 2022, on CBS in the United States and Global in Canada. With high levels of strategic gameplay and frequent blindsides, the season saw its cast strategize around the twists and format established in Survivor 41.

The season was notable for having two players, Cody Assenmacher and Jesse Lopez, take most of the accountability. Mike Gabler emerged as the winner of Survivor 43. The season finale saw Mike Gabler beat the other players to win the grand prize.

  • Survivor 43 was the 43rd season of the American reality television series Survivor.
  • The season was filmed in Fiji and premiered on September 21, 2022, on CBS in the United States and Global in Canada.
  • Mike Gabler emerged as the winner of Survivor 43.

Show Format

Tribes and Divisions

Survivor 43 features 18 castaways divided into three tribes: Baka, Coco, and Vesi. Each tribe consists of six players who will compete together in challenges and live together on the same beach. The tribes are named after Fijian words corresponding to different elements of nature. The Baka tribe is named after the Fijian word for fire, the Coco tribe is named after the Fijian word for water, and the Vesi tribe is named after the Fijian word for tree.

Challenges and Rewards

The castaways will compete in a variety of challenges throughout the season. These challenges include physical and mental tasks and often require teamwork and strategy. The winning tribe or individual will receive rewards in the game, such as food, comfort items, or advantages. The losing tribe or individual will face consequences such as hunger, discomfort, or disadvantages in the game.

Tribal Council Dynamics

After each challenge, the losing tribe must attend the Tribal Council, where they will vote one of their members out of the game. The castaways must strategically decide who to vote for, considering alliances, relationships, and gameplay. At Tribal Council, the host, Jeff Probst, will ask the castaways questions about their decisions and actions in the game. The castaways must defend themselves and convince their tribe to keep them in the game. The castaway with the most votes will be eliminated from the game and sent home. In the case of a tie, the castaways involved will participate in a tiebreaker challenge to determine who will be eliminated.

Cast Overview


Survivor 43 featured 18 new players divided into three tribes: Baka, Coco, and Vesi. The merged tribe was Gaia, a name suggested by contestant Cassidy Clark. Among the contestants was Paralympic 100-meter runner Noelle Lambert, who brought a unique perspective to the game.

Other notable contestants included Mike Gabler, a pet cremator from California, and Karla Cruz Godoy, a pediatric nurse from Texas. Cody Assenmacher and Jesse Lopez were two players who took on most of the accountability during the season, displaying high levels of strategic gameplay and frequently blindsiding their fellow contestants.

Notable Players

One of the standout players of Survivor 43 was Owen Knight, a 22-year-old college student from Massachusetts. Despite being one of the youngest players in the game, Owen proved to be a strategic force to be reckoned with, forming alliances and making bold moves that kept him in the game until the final stages.

Another notable player was Cassidy Clark, a 26-year-old environmental scientist from Colorado. Cassidy was a fierce competitor who won several individual immunity challenges and impressed her fellow contestants with her strategic thinking. She ultimately made it to the final three but was voted out in a close vote that saw her narrowly miss out on the title of Sole Survivor.

Survivor 43 was a season filled with memorable contestants and exciting gameplay. From the strategic masterminds to the underdogs who defied the odds, the cast of Survivor 43 provided plenty of entertainment for fans of the long-running reality series.

Season Highlights

Key Alliances

Survivor 43 saw some key alliances formed throughout the season. One of the most notable was the alliance between Mike and Sarah, who worked together to remove several strong players. Another essential alliance was between Emily and Jake, who managed to stay under the radar for much of the game and make it to the final four.

Major Twists

This season of Survivor had its fair share of twists, including introducing the Medallion of Power, which gave players an advantage in challenges. There was also a tribe swap early on in the game, which shook things up and led to some unexpected alliances and vote-outs.

Memorable Moments

One of the most memorable moments of Survivor 43 was when Mike made what many call the greatest move in Survivor history. He convinced the jury to vote for him over Emily despite her having played a strong game throughout the season.

Another standout moment was when Sarah won the final immunity challenge, securing her spot in the final two. This was a major accomplishment for Sarah, who had been seen as a weaker player early on in the game.

Overall, Survivor 43 was a season full of surprises and memorable moments. From key alliances to major twists, the game constantly evolved and kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Eviction Episodes

First Eviction

The first eviction of Survivor 43 happened in Episode 2. During the challenge, one castaway failed to pull their weight, putting their tribe at risk of going to the tribal council. The tribe was forced to vote and the first castaway to be eliminated from the season was revealed. The episode was filled with suspense and drama, setting the tone for the rest of the season.

Mid-Season Evictions

As the season progressed, the alliances became stronger, and the stakes became higher. In Episode 8, the seven alliance appeared strong until a crack in the group showed its face. The episode ended with a shocking elimination that left the viewers stunned. In Episode 12, new school players almost learned to take emotion out of the game. However, one castaway was voted out, which left a lasting impression on the viewers.

Final Evictions

The final eviction episodes of Survivor 43 were filled with tension and excitement. The remaining castaways had to fight tooth and nail to make it to the end. Ultimately, only three castaways made it to the final tribal council. The final episode revealed the winner, leaving the viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Survivor 43 was a season filled with drama, suspense, and unexpected twists. The eviction episodes were some of the season’s most exciting moments, and they kept the viewers engaged until the very end.

Jury and Final Tribal Council

The final Tribal Council of Survivor 43 was a tense affair, with the three remaining contestants, Mike Gabler, Cassidy, and Owen, facing a jury of their peers. The jury consisted of the nine contestants who had previously been voted off the island, and they had the power to decide who would be crowned the winner of the season.

During the final Tribal Council, each of the three remaining contestants had the opportunity to make their case to the jury, explaining why they deserved to win the game. They were asked a series of questions by the jury members, who sought answers to help them decide who to vote for.

Mike Gabler’s performance during the final Tribal Council was particularly impressive, with the former NFL player displaying a calm and confident demeanor as he answered the jury’s questions. He spoke about his strategic gameplay, loyalty to his alliance, and ability to win challenges when it mattered most.

Cassidy and Owen also made strong cases for themselves, highlighting their strategic moves and their contributions to the game. However, Mike Gabler ultimately won most of the jury’s votes, securing his victory and the title of Sole Survivor.

Overall, the final Tribal Council of Survivor 43 was a compelling and dramatic conclusion to the season, with each of the three remaining contestants making a strong case for themselves. However, Mike Gabler’s strategic gameplay and confident performance ultimately won over the jury and secured him the win.

Winner Reveal and Reactions

After a grueling 39 days on the island, Survivor 43 crowned its winner in a dramatic finale. Mike Gabler emerged victorious, taking home the coveted title of Sole Survivor and the grand prize of $1 million.

Mike’s win was met with mixed reactions from the jury and fans alike. Some praised his strategic gameplay and impressive challenge performances, while others criticized his lack of social skills and perceived arrogance.

Despite the divided opinions, Mike remained gracious in his victory, thanking his fellow castaways and acknowledging their role in his success. He also expressed his gratitude to the show’s fans, saying, “I couldn’t have done it without your support.”

Ultimately, Mike’s win was a testament to his resilience and determination. He overcame numerous obstacles and setbacks throughout the season, including a fractured ankle and a blindsiding vote at the final six. But he never lost sight of his goal and ultimately emerged as the deserving winner of Survivor 43.

Order of eliminations for Survivor 43

The order of eliminations in Survivor 43 is as follows:

  1. Lila
  2. Ethan
  3. Sarah
  4. Jake
  5. Emily
  6. Ryan
  7. Isabelle
  8. Alex
  9. Samantha
  10. Tyler
  11. Mia
  12. Jason
  13. Jesse
  14. Cody

Post-Season Reflection

Reunion Show

The reunion show of Survivor 43 was a highly anticipated event for fans. Hosted by Jeff Probst, the show brought together all the contestants from the season to discuss their experiences on the show and answer fan questions. The show was broadcast on CBS on December 21, 2022.

During the reunion, the winner of Survivor 43, Mike Gabler, was presented with his $1 million prize. The other contestants also received recognition for their efforts on the show, with some receiving special awards such as the “Fan Favorite” award.

Fan Reception

Survivor 43 received mixed reviews from fans. While some praised the season for its exciting gameplay and unexpected twists, others criticized it for being too predictable and lacking memorable characters.

One of the most controversial moments of the season was the “hourglass twist,” which gave a player the power to reverse the results of a tribal council. Some fans felt that this twist was unfair and disrupted the game’s natural flow.

Despite the mixed reception, Survivor 43 still drew in a large audience, with the finale being watched by over 7 million viewers. The show’s longevity and popularity testify to its ability to captivate audiences and keep them returning for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who took home the title in Survivor 43?

Mike Gabler was named the winner of Survivor 43, defeating Cassidy Clark and Owen.

What was the final lineup of contestants in Survivor 43?

The final three contestants of Survivor 43 were Mike Gabler, Cassidy Clark, and Owen.

What’s the profession of the Survivor 43 winner?

Mike Gabler, the winner of Survivor 43, is a firefighter from Ohio.

Who gained the most popularity among the audience in Survivor 43?

It is difficult to determine who gained the most popularity among the audience in Survivor 43, as it varies from person to person. However, Cassidy Clark, Jesse Lopez, and Cody Assenmacher were some of the most talked-about contestants during the season.

What twists and turns happened during Survivor Season 43?

Survivor 43 saw its cast strategize around the twists and format established in Survivor 41 and 42. The season saw high levels of strategic gameplay and frequent blindsides, with two players—Cody Assenmacher and Jesse Lopez—taking most of the accountability. After Jesse turned on Cody, he was eliminated, leaving Cassidy, Owen, and Mike as the final three contestants. Mike won the final immunity challenge and chose to take Cassidy and Owen to the final tribal council, where he was named the winner of the season.

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