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Spencer Bledsoe

Spencer Bledsoe, a notable contestant from Survivor Season 28: Cagayan, made a lasting impression during his time on the show. Known for his strategic gameplay, Bledsoe lasted for an impressive 37 days, finishing in fourth place. He later returned to compete in Survivor: Cambodia, where he performed even better, becoming the runner-up.

After his time on Survivor, Bledsoe committed to a new life path, focusing on mental health and personal growth. He currently hosts a mental health podcast called “Redeeming Disorder,” where he discusses various topics related to mental well-being. Additionally, Bledsoe has been traveling through South America with his girlfriend, taking time to explore and experience different cultures.

In recent years, Bledsoe has faced backlash due to his controversial comments about the future of Survivor. Despite the challenges he has encountered, it is clear that Spencer Bledsoe has continued to grow and evolve since his days on the popular reality television show.

Spencer Bledsoe

Spencer Bledsoe’s Survivor Journey

Survivor: Cagayan

Spencer Bledsoe was just 22 years old when he first appeared on CBS’s reality TV show Survivor in its 28th season, Survivor: Cagayan. Spencer started the game as a member of the “Brains” tribe, which initially struggled with losing three of the first four Immunity Challenges.

Despite the rough start, Spencer fought through the game, forming alliances and working his way to the final four contestants. During the live reunion show, host Jeff Probst presented Spencer with a personal letter acknowledging his efforts and growth during the season. However, Spencer ultimately did not win the title of Sole Survivor for Cagayan.

Survivor: Cambodia

Spencer’s journey did not end in Cagayan. He got a second chance to compete in Survivor: Cambodia, also known as Survivor: Second Chance – the 31st season – where fans voted their favorite former contestants back into the game. In Cambodia, Spencer initially joined the Ta Keo tribe, later shuffling to the Bayon tribe and eventually becoming part of the Orkun tribe.

This time, Spencer made it to the season finale, reaching the final three contestants. However, he could not secure enough jury votes to claim victory, finishing as the runner-up.

Throughout both seasons, Spencer demonstrated his strategic ability and determination in the game, earning the respect of fellow contestants and viewers alike. Additionally, his experiences on Survivor have undoubtedly contributed to his personal growth and development beyond the show.

Gameplay and Strategy

Strategic Approach

Spencer Bledsoe was known for his strategic gameplay during his time on Survivor. As a player, he demonstrated a knack for navigating the voting landscape by forming strategic alliances and targeting big threats. While not always a leader, Spencer proved his ability to adapt and change his strategy throughout the competition.

Spencer showcased his athletic prowess and determination to secure his safety in various immunity challenges. His performance in these challenges helped him advance, earning him a spot in the final tribal council in “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance.”

Social Experiment

Beyond his strategic gameplay, Spencer made a considerable effort in “Survivor” to experiment with his social approach. Connecting with other players personally and building trust allowed him to create strong relationships that ultimately influenced jury votes.

However, Spencer also grappled with mental health struggles and neuroses, which sometimes made it difficult for him to navigate the social aspects of the game. Despite these challenges, Spencer persevered and aimed to grow within the confines of the game. The non-strategic paradigm of his gameplay demonstrates his ability to balance social play and strategic thinking.

Through careful consideration of strategic gameplay and social connections, Spencer Bledsoe left a lasting impression on both Survivor viewers and his fellow competitors. Despite facing personal hardships and intense competition, his dedication to adapting and evolving his strategy shows his resilience as a player.

Life After Survivor

Personal Relationships

After his time on Survivor, Spencer Bledsoe returned to Chicago and continued with his life. He found love and began traveling South America with his girlfriend. They share their experiences and adventures on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Current Projects

Spencer now hosts a mental health podcast called “Redeeming Disorder.” The podcast is available on platforms like iTunes and covers various mental health, self-improvement, and well-being topics. His Linktree, found on his Instagram, directs listeners to different platforms to listen to the podcast.

Mental Health and Meditation

One of Spencer’s main pursuits since his time on Survivor is focusing on mental health and meditation. He often discusses the importance of mental health in his podcast, and meditation has become a significant part of his life. He believes practicing mindfulness and meditation can improve one’s psychological well-being and happiness.

Reflections on Survivor

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Spencer shared his thoughts about Survivor and its impact on his life. He mentioned having conversations with fellow contestants like Jeremy Collins and Tasha Fox. However, he also discussed some negative aspects of the game, such as the psychological harm from participating in the show’s high-stress environment.

Spencer also reflected on specific moments in the game, like the Tribal Council where he was eliminated. As a runner-up in one of the seasons, Spencer understood the pressures and stress of trying to outlast the competition.

He commented on the show’s structures and mechanisms, suggesting that Survivor needs to be radically reinvented to keep up with the changing landscape of reality television. Spencer believes the show’s format can evolve and adapt to remain relevant for future seasons.

Key Moments and Relationships

Memorable Eliminations

Spencer Bledsoe participated in Survivor: Cagayan (28th season) and Survivor: Cambodia (Season 31). In Cagayan, Spencer was a strong player who faced multiple challenges in a dysfunctional Luzon tribe. However, he gained temporary control of the game after a tribe switch. His success was short-lived as he found himself on the losing end after the betrayal of fellow contestant Kass McQuillen. Despite this, Spencer reached the final four but was eliminated just before the final tribal council.

In Survivor: Cambodia (Second Chance), Spencer became a powerful competitor once again, forming key alliances and rivalries. He made it further this time, reaching the final three alongside Jeremy Collins and Tasha Fox. Ultimately, Spencer finished as the runner-up, receiving zero votes, while Jeremy was crowned as the Sole Survivor receiving all the jury votes.

Alliances and Rivalries

During both of his seasons, Spencer formed significant alliances and experienced a few rivalries. In Cagayan, he was close with contestants like Tasha Fox and Jeremiah Wood. Spencer’s alliance with Kass McQuillen eventually soured as she betrayed him, leading them to become bitter rivals.

In Cambodia, Spencer formed alliances with various competitors including Jeremy Collins, Stephen Fishbach, and Joe Anglim. He had particularly strong relationships with Jeremy and Joe. However, Spencer faced tense moments with players such as Abi-Maria Gomes and Andrew Savage, showcasing his ability to navigate complex social dynamics.

Redeeming Disorder and Personal Growth

Spencer’s journey throughout both seasons showcased his personal growth. As a young and ambitious contestant, Spencer often compared the game to chess, where he saw everybody as pieces on the board. However, as the game progressed, he recognized the importance of making genuine connections and changed his approach to navigate the alliances and rivalries he faced. This growth culminated in his second chance season, where he showcased greater social awareness and flexibility, ultimately leading him to make it to the final three.

In conclusion, Spencer Bledsoe’s time on Survivor was marked by memorable eliminations, significant alliances and rivalries, and a journey of personal growth. A confident and knowledgeable player who evolved his gameplay to adapt to the show’s challenges, Spencer Bledsoe leaves a lasting impression on fans and fellow contestants alike.


Spencer Bledsoe gained popularity as a contestant on Survivor Season 28, Cagayan. Since his time on the show, he has taken a different path focusing on mental health and personal growth. Bledsoe now hosts a mental health podcast called “Redeeming Disorder” and has traveled South America with his girlfriend.

He has also pursued an M.A. in psychology and interviewed numerous individuals about their mental health struggles, working on a book named “Disorder.” Spencer’s dedication to mental health and growth demonstrates his genuine interest in using his experiences and newfound knowledge to help others.

By shifting his focus from Survivor’s competitive world to the complex mental health realm, Spencer has shown his versatility and ability to adapt. His journey from reality TV contestant to mental health advocate represents personal growth and inspires many.

In conclusion, Spencer Bledsoe has transitioned from a fan-favorite Survivor contestant to an advocate for mental health. His journey and personal growth demonstrate that life beyond reality TV can lead to new adventures and opportunities to inspire and contribute positively to society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Spencer Bledsoe get married?

As of now, there is no publicly available information confirming that Spencer Bledsoe is married.

What happened to Spencer on Survivor?

Spencer Bledsoe appeared on Survivor: Cagayan and Survivor: Cambodia. In both seasons, he often found himself in the role of an underdog. He started on the dysfunctional Luzon tribe in Cagayan, but briefly gained control of the game after the Tribe Switch. However, his luck soured again after the merge, due to a betrayal by an ally.

Are Spencer Bledsoe and Marcella still together?

Information about Spencer Bledsoe and Marcella’s current relationship status is not publicly available.

Is Spencer from Survivor married to Marcella?

There is no evidence or confirmation to suggest that Spencer Bledsoe is married to Marcella.

What did Jeff Probst apologize to Spencer for?

Spencer Bledsoe received a personal letter from Jeff Probst during the live reunion show of Survivor: Cagayan. Details about the content of the letter and the reason for the apology are not publicly available.

Why did Spencer Bledsoe change his name to Reiman?

There is no evidence or confirmation suggesting that Spencer Bledsoe changed his name to Reiman. In fact, his full name is Spencer Reiman Bledsoe, with Reiman being his middle name.

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