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Earl Cole Survivor

Earl Cole, best known as the reality show Survivor: Fiji winner, made history when he became the first unanimous winner ever on the series. Born on April 9, 1971, in Santa Monica, California, Cole had a successful career as an advertising executive. His journey on Survivor, however, had a surprising start as he was initially recruited to participate in another reality show, The Amazing Race, with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, after his girlfriend dropped out, Cole was transferred to Survivor just three days before filming, having only seen one episode of the show.

Despite his limited knowledge of the show, Cole proved he could outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition. He was a member of the Ravu, Moto, and Bula Bula tribes and formed a strong alliance with the Syndicate Alliance. Throughout the game, Cole secured six challenge wins and only received one vote against him, lasting all 39 days of the competition.

Since his victorious days on Survivor, Earl Cole has embraced his role as a father and husband. In 2019, he and his wife Shelley welcomed their second child, showing a different, more personal side of this reality show winner. While Cole’s journey on Survivor was unexpected and unprecedented, his life after the game has been full of love, family, and continued success.

Earl Cole Survivor

Earl Cole’s Background

Earl Cole, a charismatic and likable figure, is best known as the winner of Survivor: Fiji. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, he is the second African-American to win Survivor and the first person to win the jury vote unanimously. Beyond his success in the reality television show, Earl has had a notable professional career and is involved in varied fields.

Before his Survivor stint, Earl attended UCLA and graduated with a degree in communications. He has held various roles at tech giants such as Intel and NASA throughout his career. Earl’s time at Intel involved working in marketing and sales. As for his role at NASA, he was a part of the team collaborating on award-winning educational projects.

When Earl decided to participate in Survivor: Fiji, he brought an impressive work ethic and natural leadership skills from his professional background. These attributes proved essential as he built strong alliances with the competition, most notably with Yau-Man Chan.

After securing the victory in Survivor, Earl moved to Santa Monica, California, where he further explored his passion for entrepreneurship. He started Creative Management Company, a venture to connect reality stars with opportunities to entertain the Armed Forces worldwide.

In his personal life, Earl Cole is married to Shelley, and they have two beautiful children, Kaia and Alani. Besides his career accomplishments, he values his philanthropic efforts. Earl co-founded a nonprofit organization called pertheskids.org, which focuses on helping children affected by Perthes disease.

Maintaining a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral tone makes it evident that Earl Cole’s background extends beyond his Survivor win. Earl’s story shows a well-rounded individual and a true survivor, from his work at Intel and NASA to his entrepreneurial and philanthropic ventures.

Survivor: Fiji

Survivor: Fiji, the 14th season of the popular reality show, aired on CBS in 2007 with Jeff Probst as the host. This season featured 19 castaways divided into two tribes, Moto and Ravu, competing against each other on the islands of Fiji. The show introduced Exile Island and the hidden immunity idols during this season, adding a layer of complexity for the contestants.

Earl Cole, an ad executive from Santa Monica, California, emerged as the first unanimous winner in Survivor history. He began the game on the Ravu tribe, which struggled early on with poor living conditions and suffered multiple Tribal Council losses. However, Cole formed a strong alliance known as the Syndicate Alliance, a powerful force throughout the game.

At the merge, the Syndicate Alliance, now part of the Bula Bula tribe, successfully picked off the opposing members dubbed “The Four Horsemen.” Earl recruited original Moto outsiders Franklin and Andria “Dreamz” Herd and New Moto outsiders Kimball and Bernis. Together, they successfully eliminated Edgardo Rivera, Mookie Lee, and finally, Alex Angarita, which proved critical in securing Earl’s path to victory.

One of the most memorable moments from Survivor: Fiji involved the blindside of Edgardo Rivera. Earl played a crucial role in this strategic move, outwitting both sides trying to determine the best target. This move showcased his ability to think on his feet and manipulate the game to his advantage.

Throughout his 39 days on the island, Earl amassed six impressive challenge wins and received only one vote against him. His strategic prowess and social game allowed him to become the sole survivor, earning the $1 million prize and the title of Sole Survivor in a unanimous jury vote.

Game Strategy

Earl Cole, the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Fiji, started his journey on the underprivileged Ravu tribe. Despite the tribe’s continuous losses and fewer resources, Earl forged a strong and lasting alliance with fellow castaway Yau-Man Chan. His charisma, likability, and natural leadership skills helped him secure a strong position in the game.

The season was notable for its “haves vs. have-nots” twist, which saw the Moto tribe enjoy a luxurious camp with numerous amenities while the Ravu tribe struggled to find food and proper shelter. However, this adversity only strengthened Earl’s relationships and strategic gameplay.

When the tribe swap occurred, Earl found himself in the new Moto tribe and continued establishing loyal connections with his new tribemates. This crucial phase in the game allowed him to expand his alliance and better position himself in the overarching gameplay dynamics.

As the game progressed and the merge arrived, the Bula Bula tribe was formed. With Earl’s strong alliance, effective communication skills, and strategic thinking, he managed to maintain a steady grip on the game. He and Yau-Man worked together to find hidden immunity idols and use them wisely to ensure their safety when necessary.

Throughout his time on Survivor: Fiji, Earl demonstrated a keen understanding of the game’s mechanics, consistently making smart decisions during Tribal Council. Though he missed out on achieving a perfect game by a single vote on Day 9, it is worth noting that Earl Cole became the first-ever unanimous winner with a 9-0-0 jury vote, securing his place in Survivor history as one of the best winners of all time.

Critical Moments in Survivor: Fiji

In Survivor: Fiji, Earl Cole emerged as the Sole Survivor, securing the title as the first unanimous winner in history. His charisma, likability, and natural leadership skills significantly influenced his victory. Several critical moments shaped the game throughout the season, eventually leading to Earl’s win.

One critical moment in the game involved Michelle Yi, who was eliminated after a surprise twist at the Final 10. After successfully navigating the game until that point, the castaways were divided into two teams, with the losing team going to the Tribal Council. Unfortunately for Michelle, her team lost, and her strong social game threatened the others, leading to her undeserved elimination.

Another crucial point in Survivor: Fiji came with the alliance of Earl Cole and Yau-Man Chan. The two worked together right from the start, forming a lasting alliance crucial to their survival and success in the game. This power duo played a significant role in orchestrating blindsides and vote-offs, ultimately influencing the overall outcome of the season.

Stacy Kimball, Alex Angarita, and Edgardo Rivera were also involved in a pivotal moment crucial to Earl’s success. In what has been referred to as the Edgardo Blindside at the Final 9, Earl and his alliance needed to overthrow the opposing alliance led by Alex with allies Stacy, Sylvia Kwan, and Edgardo. Earl’s role in the plan was vital as both alliances schemed and strategized to discern who to target. In the end, it was Edgardo who was blindsided by Earl’s alliance, leading to a turning point in the game.

These critical moments in Survivor: Fiji were instrumental to Earl Cole’s victory, showcasing his ability to successfully navigate the challenges and surprises throughout the season. His exceptional gameplay and likable personality ultimately earned him the jury’s unanimous vote and his place in Survivor history.

Final Tribal Council

Earl Cole became a significant part of Survivor history when crowned the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Fiji. His impressive performance at the Final Tribal Council solidified him as the first unanimous winner of the show.

Throughout his journey in Survivor: Fiji, Earl cultivated a strong and lasting alliance with fellow castaway Yau-Man Chan. Despite the setbacks faced by their original Ravu tribe, the two were able to navigate the game strategically. At the Final Tribal Council, Earl’s stellar social and strategic gameplay was praised, but he faced criticism for betraying Yau-Man by eliminating him before the finals.

However, Earl’s choice to eliminate Yau-Man proved a key factor in securing his victory. The jury recognized his ability to adapt and outwit his opponents while maintaining strong relationships. In a groundbreaking vote of 9-0-0, Earl became the unanimous winner and Sole Survivor, leaving fellow finalists Cassandra Franklin and Dreamz Herd without any votes.

This perfect game reflected Earl’s ability to maneuver through the season despite not winning any individual immunity challenges. He only faced one Tribal Council vote against him throughout the game. Earl Cole has cemented his place in Survivor history as the first-ever unanimous winner, showcasing a combination of strategic thinking, social skills, and adaptability that is enviable in any Survivor player.

Post-Survivor Life

Earl Cole, the reality star who won Survivor: Fiji in 2007, has had an interesting journey following his success on the show. Not only did he become the first unanimous winner of the reality show, he went on to get married and welcomed three children with his wife Shelley.

After winning the million-dollar prize on Survivor, Earl continued a relatively low-profile life while remaining connected to the Survivor community. He has participated in charity events alongside other notable Survivor winners, such as Richard Hatch and Vecepia Towery.

In 2017, Earl and his wife Shelley announced they were expecting their first child, a daughter they named Kaia. A few years later, in 2019, the couple celebrated their second child’s birth, sharing the news via their Instagram account (@earlcoledoes).

As a proud father, Earl regularly shares photos capturing precious moments with his children on Instagram. The family seems to enjoy a healthy and happy life together.

Though Earl has stepped out of the reality show spotlight, his success remains a significant milestone in the history of Survivor, and his post-show life reflects the growth and fulfillment that can come after such an experience.

Legacy on Survivor

Earl Cole became a memorable figure in the history of the Survivor series. He showcased exemplary leadership skills and strategic gameplay during his time on Survivor: Fiji. Earl navigated his way through the game meticulously as the head of a strong alliance, forming bonds with other contestants and securing his place as the Sole Survivor.

Notably, Earl formed a lasting alliance with the likable Yau-Man Chan. Their strong partnership and strategic prowess significantly contributed to their progress in the game. Earl’s ability to rally a group of diverse contestants and build trust among his alliances was pivotal to his success.

Earl’s charisma and undeniable leadership skills made him an influential figure among his fellow contestants, who valued his presence and support. As a result, when it came down to the final vote, he achieved a remarkable milestone in the series’ history, becoming the first person to win the jury vote unanimously. Additionally, he was the second African-American to win Survivor.

In the years following his win, his legacy on Survivor continues to be remembered and discussed among fans and contestants. Earl’s approach to the game has been studied and admired by those who appreciate the importance of strong leadership, social connections, and well-calculated strategy. His place in Survivor history is not only that of a winner but a true survivor whose legacy will remain a significant part of the show’s rich history.

Earl’s Business Ventures

Earl Cole ventured into entrepreneurship after his victorious run on Survivor: Fiji. In recent years, he appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank, seeking investments for The Smart Tire Company. Dressed in an astronaut suit, Cole confidently presented his pitch to the panel of potential investors.

The Smart Tire Company is revolutionizing the tire industry by developing innovative TP-ALANI tires, named after Earl’s daughter Alani. These tires are built with a unique alloy-based design that provides increased durability, long-lasting lifespan, and enhanced performance compared to traditional tires. Their technology is appealing for consumer vehicles and holds potential for use in aerospace applications.

In addition to his endeavors with The Smart Tire Company, Earl Cole has demonstrated his commitment to social responsibility. He founded a nonprofit organization called Perthes Kids Foundation, which aims to support children affected by Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease. This foundation showcases Cole’s dedication to using his success for the greater good.

Despite facing numerous challenges throughout his career, from his time on Survivor: Fiji to his ongoing business ventures, Earl Cole exhibits confidence, resilience, and adaptability. His journey has shaped his personal and professional growth, paving the way for even more exciting opportunities and achievements in the future.

Personal Life

Earl Cole, the winner of Survivor: Fiji, built a successful life after the show. Originally of Hawaiian descent, he eventually settled in Kauai with his wife, Shelley Lee. Together, they created a beautiful family that has continued to grow over the years.

In 2018, Cole and his wife welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kaia. As new parents, they embraced the joy and challenges of raising a child. In April 2019, they proudly celebrated Kaia’s first birthday with a party surrounded by friends and family. Kaia gracefully took on the role of a big sister when, in May 2019, the couple welcomed their second child, Alani.

Throughout his personal life, Earl Cole has exemplified the characteristics that made him a successful Survivor contestant: confidence, knowledge, and resilience. With his loving family by his side, he continues to lead a fulfilling life, cherishing the moments and memories with his loved ones on the beautiful island of Kauai.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Earl Cole do after winning Survivor?

Earl Cole traveled the world, visiting more than 40 countries. He also founded a nonprofit organization called pertheskids.org, married a woman named Shelley, and had three children.

How much money did Earl Cole win on Survivor?

Earl Cole won $1 million as the winner of Survivor: Fiji.

Was there any controversy surrounding Earl Cole’s win on Survivor: Fiji?

No major controversy surrounded Earl Cole’s win on Survivor: Fiji. However, he was initially recruited for The Amazing Race with his girlfriend but was transferred to Survivor after she dropped out. He had only seen a single episode of Survivor before filming.

Did Earl Cole win Survivor unanimously?

Yes, Earl Cole was the first unanimous winner in Survivor history.

Who were the other finalists with Earl Cole on Survivor: Fiji?

The other finalists with Earl Cole on Survivor: Fiji were Cassandra Franklin and Andria ‘Dreamz’ Herd.

How has Survivor impacted Earl Cole’s net worth?

While the exact numbers regarding Earl’s current net worth are not public knowledge, it can be safely assumed that winning the $1 million prize on Survivor has significantly impacted his overall financial situation. Additionally, his experiences and increased fame from the show may have opened up further opportunities for him professionally and personally.

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