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Domenick Abbate made a name for himself when he competed on Survivor: Ghost Island, ultimately finishing as the runner-up. Born on October 31, 1978, and hailing from Nesconset, New York, Domenick worked as a construction supervisor before entering reality television. Throughout his time on the show, he was known for his aggressive gameplay and strategic moves, quickly becoming a target within the Naviti tribe.

Despite his challenges, Domenick forged a strong alliance with Wendell Holland, another contestant on the show. This bond helped him progress through the game as the duo worked together to navigate the turbulent world of Survivor politics. As a contestant, Domenick was known for his strategic skills and demonstrated great physical prowess, contributing to his team’s success in various challenges.

Since his time on Survivor: Ghost Island, Domenick has maintained a relatively low profile in the public eye. However, he has remained passionate about reality television and has expressed his opinions on various Survivor-related discussions. Additionally, in July of 2022, it was reported that Domenick hoped to leverage his Survivor experiences in future competitions, such as The Challenge: USA.

Domenick Abbate’s Background

Domenick Abbate is a former contestant on the popular reality TV show Survivor. As a New York native, Domenick brought his street-smart attitude and strategic gameplay to the show. He participated in the 36th season of the series, titled “Survivor: Ghost Island,” where he gained quite the fanbase and almost secured the title of Sole Survivor.

Before joining Survivor, Domenick worked as a construction supervisor. His prior professional experience played a significant role in his gameplay, as he contributed to his tribe’s efforts in building shelters and completing various challenges. Additionally, his background in managing projects and teams further honed his skills in fostering alliances and navigating the complex social dynamics of the game.

Throughout his time on “Survivor: Ghost Island,” Domenick became known for his confidence, resourcefulness, and relentless pursuit of victory. He forged powerful alliances and made it to the Final Four, securing 12 challenge wins. Domenick was his season’s runner-up, finishing with a 2/20 record, an impressive feat only outdone by losing on a tiebreaker decision.

Despite not winning his season, Domenick’s background and performance in the game have garnered him recognition and respect within the Survivor community. His strategic gameplay, unwavering determination, and ability to leverage his skill set have made him a formidable competitor, earning him a spot in the hearts of Survivor and reality TV fans.

Survivor: Ghost Island

Participation Details

Domenick Abbate, born October 31, 1978, in Nesconset, New York, participated in Season 36 of the reality TV show Survivor, titled “Ghost Island.” Airing on CBS, the season premiered in 2018. Domenick, a construction supervisor, was part of the Naviti tribe and later the Lavita tribe after the merge.

Throughout the season, Domenick actively participated in various alliances, including the Naviti Alliance and the Final Four Alliance. He proved his mettle by winning 12 challenges, with 2 votes against him. His performance granted him a spot in the Final Four, where he faced the final immunity challenge.

Unfortunately, Domenick ended up as the runner-up in the season, losing the $1 million prize and his shot at the “Winners at War” edition due to a first-ever jury tie on Survivor: Ghost Island.

The Game, Alliances, and Rivalries

Domenick Abbate made a name for himself as a competitor on Survivor: Ghost Island. A construction supervisor from Nesconset, New York, he played a strategic game and formed strong alliances early in the competition. As a member of the Naviti Tribe, Domenick was a key player in the Naviti Alliance, which controlled much of the game and kept the tribe united against the Malolo outsiders.

A significant rivalry during the game was between Domenick and fellow Naviti member Chris Noble. The two had conflicting strategies and personalities, which led to a constant power struggle within their alliance. This tension eventually culminated in Chris’s blindside elimination at the hands of Domenick and his allies.

One of Domenick’s strongest alliances was with Wendell Holland, who later won Survivor: Ghost Island. The pair shared a common goal and worked closely together throughout the competition. Along with Wendell, Domenick formed bonds with Laurel Johnson and Donathan Hurley, who were part of the opposing Malolo Tribe. This cross-tribe alliance, the Final Four Alliance, solidified Domenick’s position in the game and allowed him to navigate the treacherous landscape of merge and tribal council votes.

Despite the ups and downs, Domenick’s gameplay is primarily credited for leading him to the end of the competition, where he ultimately became the runner-up after a tie-breaking vote in favor of Wendell. His ability to create strong alliances and his impressive record of 12 challenge wins showcased Domenick’s strengths as a competitor and contributed to his status as a memorable player in the history of Survivor.

The Jury Tie and its Impact on Survivor History


The franchise’s first-ever jury tie in Survivor history occurred during the final jury vote between Domenick Abbate and Wendell Holland. This rare event solidified the season as a memorable one and undoubtedly impacted the show’s dynamics in future seasons.

The jury tie showcased the level of competition between Domenick and Wendell, as both finalists had almost equal chances of emerging as the winner. It also made viewers question how contestants should strategize to avoid a possible tie during the game. This incident not only influenced how contestants would play in future seasons but also offered fans of the show a fresh perspective on strategy and jury management.


When the deadlock occurred, with five votes each for Domenick and Wendell, the third person in the final three – Laurel Johnson – had to cast the deciding vote. Ultimately, Laurel chose to award Wendell with the million-dollar prize. As a result, Domenick came closer to winning the game than any losing Survivor finalist in the show’s history.

This unprecedented outcome emphasized the importance of fostering strong relationships with other contestants throughout the game, as Laurel’s alliance with Wendell ultimately determined the season’s winner. The jury tie in this season created an indelible mark in Survivor history and became a potent reminder of the unpredictable nature of the game.

Life After Survivor: Ghost Island

Domenick Abbate, the memorable runner-up of Survivor: Ghost Island, continued his journey in the public eye after the show. Despite not winning the title, he gained a significant following on social media and remained connected with fans and other Survivor contestants.

In his personal life, Domenick returned to his role as a loving father and husband. He often shares glimpses of his family life on social media, celebrating the importance of his role as a dad to his children. Whether it’s enjoying vacations, bonding over a shared love for sports, or celebrating birthdays, Domenick embraces his family time wholeheartedly.

As a construction supervisor by profession, Domenick resumed working in his field after participating in Survivor. His prior experience, his strategic gameplay, and leadership skills enabled him to navigate the challenges of his career with confidence.

Moreover, Domenick didn’t leave the reality television world behind, as he appeared on The Challenge USA. This allowed Domenick to showcase his competitive spirit and challenge himself in a new setting.

While Domenick’s journey on Survivor: Ghost Island may have ended, it doesn’t mean his story stops there. Today, he continues engaging with fans and maintaining relationships with fellow contestants, proving that life after the show is as eventful and rewarding.

Subsequent Reality TV Appearances and Projects

After his appearance on Survivor: Ghost Island, where he finished as the runner-up, Domenick Abbate continued to make his presence felt in the reality TV. One of his most notable projects is participating in the CBS series The Challenge: USA. Premiering on July 6, Abbate joined other reality show veterans for a new and exciting competition.

The Challenge: USA gathers contestants from various reality TV shows, such as Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and Love Island. This series is a part of Paramount+, which houses a variety of TV shows and content from various networks, including MTV and CBS. As a contestant, Abbate had the chance to compete alongside fellow Survivor alumni like Tyson Apostol, Ben Driebergen, and Sarah Lacina.

Abbate’s competitive spirit and personality resonated with fans and viewers throughout his time on reality TV. Considering his vast experience and knowledge of the genre, Abbate has also been able to share his insights and candid thoughts on various reality TV shows and contestants.

Being part of The Challenge: USA has only added to Domenick Abbate’s résumé, showcasing his resilience and strategic mindset as a noteworthy reality TV personality. With his continued participation in reality TV, Abbate’s journey remains captivating as fans eagerly await his next project.

Winners at War and Other Seasons


Unfortunately, Domenick Abbate, the runner-up of Survivor: Ghost Island, missed out on participating in Survivor: Winners at War. This season saw 20 former winners compete for a chance to win the $1 million prize. Despite not making it to this season, Domenick’s gameplay and contributions to Survivor: Ghost Island are still noteworthy and provide interesting comparisons to other seasons. For example:

  • Edge of Extinction: A controversial twist that allowed eliminated contestants a chance to re-enter the game. This was present in Winners at War but not in Ghost Island.
  • Island of the Idols: A separate island in its titular season where contestants received advice from former winners Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine.


Domenick Abbate has formed connections with fellow contestants, such as Wendell Holland, a notable player from his season who participated in Winners at War. Similar connections can be observed among cast members of Survivor: Various Seasons. For instance:

  • Cambodia: This season, also known as Survivor: Second Chance, brought back contestants who had previously failed to win but were voted back in by the fans. Many cast members formed stronger bonds during the second chance, resulting in memorable alliances.
  • Cagayan: The season that introduced the frenemy pair of Tony Vlachos and Sarah Lacina, who would later compete in Winners at War, with Tony emerging as the winner.

These connections have demonstrated the game’s impact on contestants and how they interact with one another both on and off the island.

Notable Players Comparison

Domenick Abbate was a strong contestant in Survivor: Ghost Island, finishing in second place. Other notable “Survivor” players that can be compared to Abbate include Wendell Holland, Sarah Lacina, Ben Driebergen, Tyson Apostol, Danny “Deshawn” McCray, Shantel “Shan” Smith, and Tasha Fox.

Wendell Holland emerged as the Survivor: Ghost Island winner, defeating Domenick Abbate in a tiebreaker. Holland displayed an excellent social game and was recognized for his strategic gameplay.

Sarah Lacina won Survivor: Game Changers, where she was well-known for her assertive moves and strong alliances. Lacina is a “triple threat” with social, solid, strategic, and physical gameplay.

Ben Driebergen claimed victory in Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Driebergen’s gameplay was highlighted by his relentless idol hunting, which allowed him to make it to the end of the game.

Tyson Apostol is a three-time “Survivor” competitor, winning Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Apostol’s success can be attributed to his excellent strategic gameplay and his ability to develop strong relationships with other players.

Danny “Deshawn” McCray competed in Survivor: Fiji, finishing as the runner-up. McCray had a great physical game, winning multiple individual immunity challenges throughout the season. His strategic skills helped him make it to the end.

Shantel “Shan” Smith was a memorable and dominant player in Survivor. She won multiple individual immunity challenges and showcased her abilities in the strategic and social aspects of the game.

Finally, Tasha Fox competed in Survivor: Cagayan and Cambodia. Fox is known for her competitive nature, excellent challenge performance, and strategic prowess. She managed to make it far in the game each time she competed.

In conclusion, these notable players in the “Survivor” universe exemplify various skills and gameplay techniques. From strategic prowess to physical abilities and strong social connections, each contestant left a lasting impression on the show’s history.

Public Reaction and Impact on Personal Life

Domenick Abbate, the runner-up of Survivor: Ghost Island, has experienced varied reactions from the public and witnessed the show’s impact on his personal life. After his time on the show, he appeared on EW Live (SiriusXM, channel 109) and shared his thoughts about watching Winners at War, his candid thoughts on his friend Wendell, and the chemistry issue between them.

The appearance on EW Live sparked social media feedback, with fans speculating about his thoughts on the aggressive side of Wendell and their friendship. Abbate also mentioned that Wendell was playing a different game, which might have contributed to some friction between the two friends.

As a result of his experience on the show and the public reaction, Domenick has formed new bonds with other cast members and learned to cope with the ups and downs of being in the public eye. This journey has allowed him to grow as a reality TV personality and as an individual, ready to face new challenges and opportunities in his personal and professional life.

Personal Life

Domenick Abbate, born on October 31, 1978, is a construction supervisor from Nesconset, New York. He is known for his time on the popular reality show Survivor: Ghost Island, where he became the runner-up.

Domenick has a few pet peeves, which include small talk and judgmental people. He believes life is too short to engage in meaningless conversations or pass judgment on others without knowing their stories.

Regarding personal achievements, Domenick takes pride in overcoming some challenges he faces. He quit smoking and took control of his health by losing significant weight. This has helped him bring about a positive change in his life and has also improved his overall well-being.

As a fan of the game of craps, Domenick’s claim to fame is his mastery of the craps table. He enjoys the thrill of placing bets and rolling the dice, believing it’s a unique combination of luck and strategy.

Domenick’s career as a construction supervisor provides him with a stable income, enabling him to handle his day-to-day expenses and bills. He has a strong work ethic and takes pride in his ability to remain financially stable for himself and his family.

By maintaining a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and transparent demeanor, Domenick Abbate has managed to navigate various challenges and adventures in Survivor and his personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Domenick Abbate’s current occupation?

Domenick Abbate is a construction supervisor residing in Nesconset, New York.

How did Domenick’s gameplay impact Survivor: Ghost Island?

Domenick Abbate was the runner-up on Survivor: Ghost Island. His gameplay significantly impacted the season, as he formed strong alliances and used his strategic mindset to navigate crucial votes.

What was Domenick’s strategy during his time on Survivor?

Domenick’s strategy on Survivor involved forming strong alliances, effectively using hidden immunity idols, and winning individual immunity challenges. He successfully navigated the game with a combination of his strategic mindset and his social connections.

Has Domenick Abbate participated in any other seasons of Survivor?

Domenick Abbate has not participated in any other seasons of Survivor after his appearance on Survivor: Ghost Island.

What are some memorable moments from Domenick Abbate’s time on Survivor?

Some memorable moments from Domenick Abbate’s time on Survivor: Ghost Island include his bold decision to fake a hidden immunity idol, his intense rivalry with fellow contestant Chris Noble, and his close victory in the fire-making challenge to secure a spot in the final three.

What are Domenick Abbate’s thoughts on his experience in the show?

Domenick Abbate has expressed mixed feelings about his experience on the show. In an interview with EW Live, he shared his conflicted emotions about watching Survivor: Winners at War and missing out on participating in the season.

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